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Future Farm aim to deliver plant-based foods to Australia & New Zealand, bringing the world’s best brands to your local store, ensuring you have greater variety, convenience and that your options are always delicious.

Their objective is to speak the facts, educate on sustainability and health while also providing a simple and convenient solution to the problem of feeding the world’s population and improving the environment.

Future Farm boasts great brands your customers may already know of including: Beyond Meat, Gardein, Next Foods!, Sophie's Kitchen, Just Mayo, and Vegglove.



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The Beyond Burger is the most recognisable plant-based meat substitute around the world. Using wet extrusion, the latest and best plant-based production method, the Beyond Burger is juicy with the same texture you can expect from a Beef patty.

The Beyond Burger

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The Gardein Fishless Filets will blow you away with a taste and smell exactly like fish. Made from soy, wheat, ancient grains and veggies using cutting edge dry extrusion technology, the fishless filets will get your customers saying they don't believe its not fish. With no GMOs, dairy or cholesterol, the fishless filets also contain omega-3s.

Golden Fishless Filets

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Plant-based chicken with texture exactly like real chicken. With a great bite and texture, the mouth-feel of this chicken is one that will have leave everyone feeling satisfied. Made with soy using wet extrusion technology, Next! Chick'n Chunks come rich in not only flavour and texture, but fibre too.

Chick'n Chunks

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as the Earth's environmental issues become more and more apparent, people everywhere are starting to develop environmentally conscious consumption habits.  25% of universities are vegan or vegetarian and the largest market of Future Farms is meat reducers/flexitarians, and not actual vegetarians.

Brands that consumers will pay for

Plant-based products come with many benefits, some of which include no cholesterol, no trans fats, lower in calories, and high in fibre.

Healthy options

Future Farm's brand all have a common goal, doing their part to help to help the environment. With 14% of greenhouse gases coming from cows, Future Farms hopes to curb the consumption of beef to reduce the massive carbon emissions that come from it.

Environmentally Conscious

Reasons to choose Future Farm

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