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Farm Frites

The whole thing starts at the beginning: with inspired growers who love their job and with the best potato varieties you can get. Fries with the fresh taste of the field. Growers who deliver quality with a smile, day in and day out. That’s the magic secret of producing the best taste in the world in every helping of fries (and more). Fries are becoming ever more popular, all over the world. Especially when they are produced fresh from the field. Because fries are tasty... But tastes differ, and some love thin French fries, where others adore thick wedges or a crunchy bite. Farm Frites know exactly which types and tastes match the various preferences.

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A great thin chip that offers a crispy bite with authentic potato flavour. This chip is a favourite with takeaway shops and delis.

Finest Fries 10mm

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A premium chip made to add value to your business. Crunchy on the outside and fluffly on the inside, this chips is a hit for fine dining restaurants and pubs alike.

Finest Fries Steakhouse 10/20mm

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Crunchy on the outside and fluffly on the inside, this chip is a hit with fish and chip shops who are looking for a meaty cheap.

Fries 18mm

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The agronomists at Farm Frites advise growers worldwide. This means you are getting the finest fries possible with expert knowledge.

Potato Experts

Made with care, Farm Frites Fries are made to give the same consistent, quality taste and crunch on every fry.

Quality and Consistency

Efficient and sustainable transportation and logistics are an integral part of our supply chain. Farm Frites makes sustainability a priority when it comes to production and transportation.


Reasons to choose Farm Frites

Download the Farm Frites Foodservice Catalogue