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Bundaberg Sugar

Bundaberg Sugar is a grower, miller, refiner, and marketer of sugar and related products in Australia. The company is one of Australia's largest cane growers and owns and operates sugar mills in Queensland. Their reputation for Quality dates back to the late 1800's when they first refined sugar in the Bundaberg area. Bundaberg Sugar participates in all levels of the raw sugar industry in the districts in which it operates. The company's activities span the full sugar processing cycle including cane growing, milling, refining, packaging and distributing sugar products to retail, industrial and export customers.

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Bundaberg Sugar is Australia's largest sugar cane grower. It continues to build market share in the world competitive refined sugar market.

Australia's Largest Sugar Cane Grower

Bundaberg Sugar's commitment to quality, innovation and customer service saw us become the first Australian sugar refiner to receive certification to Australian and International Quality standards.

Focused on Quality

Bundaberg Sugar is the culmination of many different sugar companies that first grew sugar cane 130 years ago in the Queensland area. Bundaberg Sugar is rich in history and experience when it comes to sugar products.

Over 100 Years Experience

Reasons to choose Bundaberg Sugar

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